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Another family friendly program from Pop-A-Lock

September 12th, 2013 by Darci Rosenblum / Link to This

Pop-A-Lock™ PALSavesKids™ FREE Program Rescues Over 350,000 Children Trapped In Automobiles

As parents, Jeff and I are always trying to figure out how to keep kids and families safer.  Pop-A-Lock has always had an emergency car door unlocking program where we never charge when a child is locked in the car.  In fact, as a company, we’ve rescued over 350,000 children trapped in automobiles.

Recently, we took this program to the next.  The program is now called, PALSavesKids™ and the new call-to-action:  PALSaves, 1-Stop, 2-Look, 3-Lock, reminds busy caregivers to be hyper-vigilant of their children’s presence in cars.  Also, we’ve created a new mascot, the PALS Puppy who was recently displayed in New York in Times Square!  This new mascot is a gentle reminder to parents to look before you lock your vehicle.

PALS Puppy in Times Square


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