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Bay Area Automotive Locksmith Services

Locked Out Of Your Car?

We Make High Security Car Keys, Help With Car Lockouts, and Program Remote Keys and Transponders

Auto LockoutPop-A-Lock is the leader in the Bay Area automotive locksmith work.  We have mastered the art of opening locked cars and helping people who are locked-out of their vehicles.  Pop-A-Lock also opens trucks, trunks, trailers, and any auto lock on most vehicles.

Our locksmiths use specially designed tools and have significant training in order not to damage the window seal, tint or the lock linkages inside the car door.

Pop-A-Lock Bay Area can also help make car keys regardless of make or model of vehicle, 24-hrs, 7 days a week.

We can make high security car keys, we can program remote car keys and can program transponders.  Remember, we are the Bay Area Car locksmith leader and can handle all of your needs cost effectively!

We also offer our FREE 24 hr emergency locksmith service to any child who is locked inside of a car.  The program is called our Emergency Door Unlock Program (EDU).  We have helped many thousands of Bay Area residents with this valuable service over the years.

Below is our full list of Bay Area Locksmith Automotive Services:

Bay Area Automotive Locksmith Training:

All of our technicians are trained here locally for automotive locksmithing.  Our locksmiths practice on hundreds of cars, trucks, and motorcycles under close supervision before being released to the field.  Each technician is then apprenticed so they can practice during real-life situations.

Car Keys

Bay Area Automotive Locksmith Tools:

It should be noted that successfully unlocking a car requires use of the right tools and the right technique.  Pop-A-Lock engineers designed tools specifically for the purpose of car door unlocking.  Slim-jims and other devices are never used because they damage vehicles and are not able to open all vehicles.

Bay Area Automotive Locksmith Qualifications, Trust, and Safety:

It matters who you use to unlock your car.  Don’t hire an unknown company who can seriously damage your vehicle or overcharge you!  Also, if damage occurs, you could be stuck replacing the linkages in your vehicle, or worse having to make a costly new key for your vehicle.  Remember, you need to use a licensed car locksmith to help you with your car keys.

Always take the safe, reliable approach when you lock your keys in the car.  Call Pop-A-Lock!