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Bump Proof Locks in the Bay Area

Can your locks be easily picked?

Bumping locks, bump keys and the ability to unlock a large number of locks by bumping is an old locksmith trick that works. It works for locksmiths and it works for people trying to get into your house. In fact, “bump keys” (used to unlock doors) can be found on the Internet!

Many lock manufactures responded to this wave of criminals by producing “bump proof” locks however, don’t mistakenly think that the threat has gone away. It has not. At POP A LOCK Bay Area we can evaluate the risks of your locks being susceptible to opening with a bump key and install bump proof door locks on your doors. In some instances we can simply rekey your current locks with special pins and springs that will offer great bump key protection.

Is there such a thing as a truly “anti-bump lock, or such a thing as bump proof door locks? Yes! And the lock specialists at POP A LOCK Bay Area can help you select the best bump key proof locks available.

Bay Area Bump Proof Locks Start as Low as: $80