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Keyless Entry in the Bay Area

Keyless entry (Residential, commercial, industrial and automotive) takes many forms and uses a variety of configurations to permit or deny access to any given door in the Bay Area.

For instance, a keyless door lock might be an electro-magnetic lock, a bio-metric lock (which requires a retina scan or finger print scan to open) or, the lock could be a push button lock (PBL), a stand alone battery operated lock (SABLe) or a lock that requires a proximity reader to open. Because of the wide variety of keyless entry locks, you need to discuss your keyless entry needs with a qualified expert from the leading locksmith in the Bay Area — POP-A-LOCK.

Even some keyless entry door locks have designs that allow for a “Key Override” feature in the event of a lock malfunction. Most Electo-magnetic and electro-mechanical keyless locks are designed with a “fail-safe” feature to allow the lock to go into an unlocked mode in the event of a power failure.

In residential applications locks like Kwikset’s Power Bolt allow for keyless entry via means of a battery-supported keypad (4 AA batteries). A simple touch of one activates the locking bolt. The Power Bolt has a key override feature.

Since commercial and industrial configurations can run the gamut from electro-magnetic, through bio-metric and stand alone battery operated locks for keyless entry door locks, you need to talk to one of POP-A-LOCK’s skilled technician’s and find out what the best system is for you — no matter where you live or work in the Bay Area.

Basically, any lock that requires direct electrical (hardwiring), or battery-supplied power is know as Electronic Access Control (EAC). Each of these systems fulfill the requirements of commercial keyless entry systems.

As you can see, keyless entry door locks and EAC systems are a wide and varied field that can answer any security need whether it’s a mechanical digital lock, a pushbutton lock, a lock that uses a proximity reader, an electro-mechanical lock or a bio-metric lock.

But don’t let all of that confuse you because POP-A-LOCK of Bay Area has the right system for you. No matter what your keyless entry needs are, POP-A-LOCK of the Bay Area has the right product, at the right price and the qualified installers to install that system for you.

Bay Area Keyless Entry Systems Start as Low as: $99