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Getting Locked Out of Your House in the Bay Area

Locked Out?

Whether you’re in San Francisco, Berkeley or San Carlos, getting locked out of your house and home can be embarrassing and frustrating.

Simply call POP A LOCK BAY AREA 24-hours-a-day and tell them: “I am locked out of my house!”

Even if you’re locked out because of lost house keys, POP A LOCK can have a qualified, honest technician who can quickly open door locks, make you new keys: and they will do it 24/7, 365 days a year, no matter where you live in the Bay Area area.

While they are there, ask them to make you a couple of spare keys to the doors of your house and give a key to your neighbor that way you’ll be sure someone has a key so you’re never found on the wrong side of your door again.

Bay Area Residential Unlocking Starts as Low as: $69