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Are You Ready for a Safe Summer?

June 17th, 2014 by Darci Rosenblum / Link to This

School’s out and summer is finally here which means families are enjoying the outdoors more.   Did you know that nearly half of these families don’t take any security precautions other than locking their windows and doors to keep their families and items safe?  Pop-A-Lock Bay Area wants to remind you of some simple security precautions to ensure your home remains a safe haven this summer.

Top five tips for home security:

1. Make Your Backyard a Safe Place – Remember to put garden tools and lawn mowers away in a locked place after use. Secure your shed or garage door with a high-security, weather-resistant lock which not only deters kids from using tools as toys, it also guards lawn equipment from theft.

2. Sleep Safely with Windows Open – Sleeping with open windows may help you sleep better, unfortunately it also provides easy access to your home for intruders. Take proactive measures to ensure you sleep safely. If you use a home security system, ensure it provides window security coverage. Otherwise, use a window blocking device that prevents windows from opening more than six inches, and ensure windows cannot be accessed from outside. While you’re sleeping, ensure all doors are locked, and safeguard patio doors from intruders.

3. Designate a Family Meeting Spot – Set up a spot with your family now so you’re prepared should a fire ever strike. It’s also good practice to designate a meeting spot whenever you’re away from home. Whether you are at a carnival, park or away on vacation, always come up with a plan of where to meet. This will give you peace of mind in case someone in your family is separated from the group.

4. Check Your Smoke Detectors – You should be checking your smoke detectors every month, however most people check it less frequently.  Regardless, replace batteries yearly or as soon as you hear a low-battery warning sound that usually sounds like a chirping noise. Smoke alarms should be replaced completely every 10 years.

5. Create Backups- With busy summer schedules, it’s easy to forget your keys before leaving the house. To avoid being locked out of your house, make extra copies of your keys, and keep them in a secure spot or with a neighbor.

Have a great (and safe) summer!

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