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Sliding Glass Doors … The Most Vulnerable Entry Point

March 11th, 2014 by Darci Rosenblum / Link to This

A friend called me last night letting me know her home was burglarized and that she needed a locksmith.  I immediately assumed they got in through the front door however she let me know they had gained entry through the back sliding glass door.  I didn’t even consider the sliding glass door so I decided to do a bit of research and found some very interesting facts.

I found out that these types of doors are the most vulnerable even if they’re not smashed.  Standard factory locks can be often be opened with relative ease, and even locked doors can be lifted off their tracks for a quieter break-in — one that can be done without tools. A flat-head screwdriver makes the job even easier.  Although police have not said exactly how many burglars entered each home through sliding-glass doors, experts agree those are the most difficult places to secure.

Homeowners have several options to secure a sliding glass door:

They can be simple: A wooden dowel jammed into the track to prevent the door from opening could slow a burglar.

Or they can be a little more elaborate: A sliding bolt can be secured to the frame to prevent the door from moving even if it is lifted off its track.


Alarm systems are also an option but they can have flaws.  If burglars smash their way through sliding-glass doors, a door-frame alarm won’t necessarily go off. That’s why motion and glass-break sensors should be added near sliding-glass doors. You can buy motion and glass-break sensors that use alarms to frighten away criminals.  Some of those devices cost just a few dollars and offer minimal security, and others cost more than $700.  Adequate ones cost about $160.

Of course, the simplest means of security is a vigilant resident. Keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles or people during the day could help keep a neighborhood safe, police say.

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